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 National Committies

The committee was formed by instruction from the Cabinet, letter number 57/11/1/6826 of the Prime Minister dated 21/5/2003. The committee was formed under the supervision of the Secretary General of the Water Authority of Jordan and representatives of The  Royal Court, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Jordan Valley Authority, National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (NCARTT), Royal Scientific Society, Farmers Union, Universities and the Private Sector. The committee will cooperate with the Environment and Water Reuse Unit in all water reuse issues to eliminate overlapping between ministries and to achieve the objective and goals of the unit.
The NWRCC will work in close association with the sewerage and wastewater treatment plants committee and with the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM) .

National Water Reuse Coordination Committee Members:

  1. Secretary General of WAJ-Director
  2. Royal Court
  3. Secretary General of Ministry of Environment
  4. General Director of NCARTT
  5. Ministry of Water & Irrigation Representative/WAJ/Director of Unit
  6. Assistant Secretary General for Sewerage Affairs
  7. Ministry of Water & Irrigation Representative/JVA
  8. Ministry of Health
  9. Assistant Director of WAJ LAB Directorate
  10. Director of Environment and Research Center , RSS
  11. Governmental Universities (Hashemite University)
  12. Farmers Union
  13. Ministry of Agriculture