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At the beginning of year 2001, the Environmental Directorate was established under the umbrella of the Water Authority of Jordan and in June 2003 the Directorate was changed to become Water Reuse and Environment Unit to suit Jordan's Water Strategy that the Government of Jordan adopted which states that "Wastewater shall not be managed as waste, it shall be collected and treated to standards that allow its reuse in unrestricted agriculture and other non-domestic purposes. Including ground water recharge".

The Unit was established with a strong support at the highest levels to play a significant role in the control and monitoring of water reuse and industrial wastewater in the country.

The Unit's duties can be briefed in the following points:

Encouraging the reuse and recycle of treated domestic and industrial wastewater.

Monitor , study and evaluate domestic and industrial wastewater according to the JordanianStandards (JS 893& JS 202).
Study and evaluate applications and Pilot Projects using treated wastewater
in agriculture to monitor its effect on plants, soil and other elements of environment. 

Conduct and follow up researches, seminars, workshops and conferences related to water reuse issue regionally and internationally.


Monitor water reuse schemes to guarantee the compliances with the Jordanian Standards and protect environment and public health from any negative impacts if exist.

Environmental Impact Assessment & other environmental issues.

The Unit has a strong operating mandate and has solid cooperation with the related Governmental Institutions , Universities , Research Centers, etc.

The Water Reuse and Environment Dep has two main sections:

 Treated municipal wastewater reuse section

 Industrial wastewater section