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 Enviromental Awareness

Under the Jordan Water Reuse Implementation Program – funded by USAID – the prime contractor, PA Governmental Services with the help of the Water Authority of Jordan, a full package of public awareness brochures and flyers was prepared. The team consisted of the following members:

Environment & Water Reuse Director, Eng. Saleh Malkawi / WAJ

Project Coordinator, Eng. Nawaf Daoud / PA Governmental Services

Eng. Mai Abu-Tarbush / PA Governmental Services

Ms. Cheryl Groff / ECODIT

ECO Consult team / ECO Consult

Our water is our life, let us reuse it  (Poster)

The Water Reuse Pilot Project at Wadi Musa

The Water Reuse Pilot Project at Jordan University of Science & Technology

Our water is our life, let us reuse it  ( brochure )

Frequently Asked Questions about Reclaimed Water

Water Management & Reuse Potential in Industry

Social & Religious Acceptance of Water Reuse

Taking On the Challenge: Managing Water Reuse in Jordan

Wastewater Treatment: How it Works