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  • Ministry of Water & Irrigation – Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ).
  • National Center for Agriculture Research and Technology Transfer (NCARTT).
  • PA Government Services.


  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (AFESD).

Conference Committee

  • Dr. Abdul Nabi Fardous – NCARTT.
  • Eng. Fayes Bataineh – Assistant S.G, MWI.
  • Eng. Saleh Malkawi – WAJ.
  • Dr. Amal Hijazi – USAID.
  • Dr. Jamal Irshaidat – NCARTT.
  • Eng. Nawaf Daoud – PA Government Services.
  • Dr. Bashar Smadi – PA Government Services.
  • Mr. Charles McElroy – PA Government Services.
  • Eng. Mai Abu Tarbush  – PA Government Services.

The conference was held in 7-9/12/2003 under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Hazem El Naser and lasted for three days including the site visits day. 22 papers were presented in the first two days by speakers from different countries from all over the world [papers can be downloaded at the bottom of this page]. The main objective of the conference was to provide the participants with information about water reuse issues including water reuse management, quality, water reuse impact and reuse guidelines and to exchange knowledge and experiences in public awareness programs, and public health and safety.

Conference Recommendations

The following are the conference recommendations that were prepared in the final session of the conference.

conference should be held annually and in a regular basis in one of the countries in the region to sustain scientific interactions, exchange knowledge and to be familiar with others experiences in water reuse activities.

Monitor reviewing, upgrading and improvement of standards, regulations and guidelines specified for treated wastewater and industrial wastewater reuse based on projects, studies and researches and in collaboration with concerned parties.

Circulate the standards throughout the region and expand collaboration between the countries to benefit from the experience of other and to encourage uniformity in standards and guidelines between countries and to develop reliable database for these purposes.

Coordinate with different corporations in the field of treated wastewater reuse and share the Jordan experience in the region which included the establishment of Water Reuse Unit at the Water Authority of Jordan and the formation of the National Water Reuse Committee. Involve representatives from different ministries, governmental institution and private sector to improve cooperation and eliminate overlapping.

Increase coordination between government and academic agencies and research centers to encourage research on treated wastewater and sludge reuse and also conduct conferences, seminars and workshops in the field.

Provide support to improve and qualify research laboratories that study the impact of the use of treated wastewater (industrial and domestic wastewater) on water, soil and plant to protect the public health, environment and water resources from pollution.

Encourage the industrial sector to recycle and reuse treated industrial wastewater in industry and other sectors and familiarize them with environmental protection concepts sustainable development and economic returns to their enterprises.

Increase public awareness and education on the use of treated wastewater and required precautions in doing so.

Since agriculture application on treated wastewater is the dominant form of reuse, special emphasis has to be given to related aspects. This also includes compliance with crop quality standards in order to assure local and international market acceptance of the irrigated produce. The concerned monitoring and quality assurance system have to be established and maintained.

The following proceedings can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it by following this link.


  Publication Name


  Author / Country



Wastewater Management and Reuse in Jordan

Eng. Saleh Malkawi – Jordan 



Quality criteria for reclaimed water 

N. Sunna - MWI/WAJ – Jordan 



 Productivity and quality of soil and forage crops irrigated with treated wastewater

Munir Rusan - Hashemite University – Jordan 



Unconventional water for cut flower production 

M.I.Safi – National Center for Agriculture researches – Jordan 



 Efficiency of some plants in removing heavy metals from wetland effluent

 Ahmed El-Araby, Isam Sabbah, Hazem Mehawed – Egypt 



Water re-use applications in Gaza strip 

Mohsen Ghazali and AbdelKarim Abu Aqleen – Palestine 



Evaluation of issues confronting water recycling in California 

Fawzi Karajeh – USA [ABSTRACT] 



 Effect of wastewater and sludge on soil fertility and production of Barley and Avena




 The safe use of marginal quality water in agriculture

  Ali Al-Shrouf – UAE University – UAE [ABSTRACT]



 Use of Reclaimed Water in Jordan: Experience of Three Pilot Projects

Ziad Al Ghazawi, Jordan University of Science and Technology

Robert Cardinalli, PA Government Services, Inc.

Saad Al Ayyash, Badia Research and Development Program

Taiseer Al Masri, PA Government Services, Inc.

Mohammad Shahbaz, Badia Research and Development Program

Joseph Karam, ECODIT, Inc.

PA Government Services Inc. (Pilot projects sites managers) USAID – Jordan



 Regulatory and business strategies for developing industrial water recycle and reuse practices

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, PA Government Services Inc. – expert , USAID – Jordan 



State environment monitoring due to reuse of reclaimed water 

 Thomas Ziegelmayer ,GTZ – Jordan 



Reclaimed water project by GTZ

Thomas Ziegelmayer ,GTZ – Jordan 



Internalization and optimal allocation of costs in the use of reclaimed water in irrigation in Jordan 


 Ra’ed Daoud, Helena Naber, Mohammed Shafei / ECO – Consult – Jordan [ABSTRACT] 



 The application of environment economic instruments to promote water recycling and reuse

 N. Cheremisinoff & Mai Abu Tarbush – PERI & ECO – Jordan



 The drarga wastewater treatment & reuse project  (A model for small communities)

 Mario Kerby – Chemonics  International – Morocco 



 Agricultural reuse of reclaimed water from The Hebron Regional WWTP

D. Meerbach, F. Abdoh, H. Itleib, M. Hind– Palestine 



Recycled water for residential irrigation

Albert E. Hazbun P.E. – California, USA