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 WAJ Participation

The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency was established to enhance positive competitiveness among government departments and institutions through promoting awareness of the concepts of distinguished performance, innovation and quality, and entrenching the culture of excellence. Focusing on: the service receiver, focusing on results and working in a transparent manner  the Award is based on five elements that must be reflected in these three foundations, and these elements are: leadership, individuals, operations, knowledge and finance.

And since the Water Authority (WAJ) is one of the important governmental service institutions that is working on improving its services and performance it participated in this award .Despite of all the difficulties that the institution faces it was able to show significant improvement in performance since our first participation in 2004 through the year 2008 in which we ranked 13 among 41 competing institutions.

And our aim from participating in this award is to fulfill royal visions and our mission and vision in improving performance.