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Seeks to achieve efficient financial management that can make the best use of available financial resources, to contribute to the achievement of water security and raise the value of the national operations of the Water Authority.


Planning and development of financial resources and identify its priority uses to funding capital Investment and operation and maintenance in order to maintain the activities at the lowest possible cost, Protection of property and assets of the Water Authority.

The Directorate of Finance and Accounting Consists of:-
1- Finance Manger/ Firas Al-Azzam
2- Government accounting section /Mohammad Al-Akhrass
3- Commercial accounting section / Hussein Al-surakhi
4- Financial Auditing  section/ Omar Abu Farwah

Financial Department functions and responsibilities:-

As water authority (WAJ) is characterized by its magnitude of capital investments with regard to the implementation of water and wastewater projects thus financial department is considered as one of the central departments in processes of accounting assets, revenues, and expenditures.

With a view of managing different activities to the lowest possible cost, protecting and holding properties of the authority, WAJ is working in such meaning to have an efficient financial management where optimized using of financial resources contributes to achieve national water of WAJ by planning, developing financial resources, and prioritizing capital uses in line with processing of maintenance and operations.

Financial Department is carrying out the following tasks and duties : -

1. Preparing budget project based on cash basis according to provincially programs (activities).
2. Controlling budget implementation through opening related accounts on financial accounting system (FAS), performing accounting system and preparing the quarterly and monthly  financial reports (financial statue) which shows the percentage of expenditure and figures deviation volume to the financial shares .
3. Preparing financial statements based on accrual basis in addition the issuance of consolidated financial statement of WAJ.
4. Managing financial relations as well as financial conciliations between water authority and its subsidiaries (Aqaba water company, miyahuna, North Governorate).
5. Following-up financial relations related to the local and foreign loans with ministry of finance, planning and international cooperation, as well as local banks.
6. Proceeding relations with donors such as KFW and the World Bank, also preparing the financial arrangements relating to the withdrawal of loans as well as requests.

The Directorate of Finance and Accounting is working on an ongoing basis  to develop and update its performance  by using modern tools and methods, whether dealing with the customers or implemented work procedures, as shown below by: -

1.using  Oracle financial accounting system (Oracle ERP) work on the cash basis and accrual basis.
2. Using open halls, instead of the closed offices.
3. Create a spirit of cooperation between the employees who provide service in different departments.
4. Designate an office to receive Invoices to facilitate the process on the recipients of the service under the slogan "Citizen's right"
5.  Waiting room for the recipient of the service.